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I'm Kristin Karst, Executive Vice President & Co-Owner of AmaWaterways, and I'm looking forward to sharing all the latest AmaWaterways news with you on a regular basis! It's going to be a very busy and exciting year, so please check this space regularly for tips, trends and updates. Lots of good stuff to come!
Our UK sales team proudly showcased AmaWaterways to a group of 105 travel agents and media who were welcomed onboard the AmaPrima in the Netherlands March 21-23, 2017. Read more
In my opinion, Spring is the most delightful season in Europe. The air may be still cool but the sun is warm to the skin and the countryside is bursting with colors. Read more
Our ships are beautiful, our food delicious and the scenery along Europe’s most iconic rivers is often breathtaking but what really leaves a lasting impression on our guests is the personal service they receive from our crew on board. Read more
Giving back to the communities we visit is very important to me and one of the projects closest to my heart is the ODA (Opportunities of Development through Art ) Free Village English School in Cambodia... Read more
I couldn’t think of a better way to start our 15th anniversary than by receiving five gold awards during the recent 2017 Travvy Awards gala. Read more
The first couple of weeks of the new year are always filled with heartfelt messages of good health, happiness and peace for the year ahead. Read more
At this festive time of the year with friends and family spread around the world, Rudi and I both know how hard it is when you can’t always reach out and hug those people that are truly special to you.... Read more
It’s the event we all look forward to every year – our AmaWaterways Holiday Open House... Read more
The secret to perfect pastries and desserts… planning, preparation and patience! Read more
I’ve just returned from a month long oversees trip where I was able to cruise onboard two of our beautiful European ships... Read more
What I love so much about travel is even though you may have visited a destination before, there will always be something new to discover... Read more
Oh yes you can! Although it is not a typical European tradition, the crew were not afraid to have a little fun and celebrate... Read more
As we start thinking about the holiday season, I find myself looking back on the joyous, festive moments spent with my family during my childhood in Germany... Read more
The old Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon movie Some Like It Hot came up during a dinner conversation this week and believe it or not, the title immediately made me think about our river cruise guests... Read more
Since the inception of AmaWaterways nearly 15 years ago, luxury and top-of-the-line design have been pillars of our mission... Read more
“It’s unique to find a heated pool on a river ship, but one with a swim-up bar to boot?”... Read more
I’m so excited to share the news that Rudi was just awarded the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) at the Cruise 360 Hall of Fame Cruise Industry Awards... Read more
What an exciting start to the season for us here at AmaWaterways. Read more
Tasting great wines and dancing to lively music played by colorful locals is all part of a special Wine Festival orchestrated by the city of Bourg... Read more
This year, AmaWaterways is excited to be expanding our themed cruise itineraries – most notably in the area of wine.... Read more
We have had an absolutely tremendous start to 2016 as we prepare for this year’s exciting cruise season... Read more
It’s a New Year and there are so many exciting things to share with you... Read more
I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t believe it’s already time for the holidays! Read more
Nothing can turn any occasion to a celebration, spark a conversation, and can elevate a meal from ordinary to elegant quite like wine. Read more
Having just celebrated the Christening of our newest European ship, the AmaSerena, in my home country of Germany a few weeks ago, I just came back from Southeast Asia for the debut of another new ship on the Mekong, the AmaDara. Read more
In a burst of happy champagne bubbles, our dear friend Michelle Fee, CEO of Cruise Planners Inc, helped us welcome the AmaSerena to the AmaWaterways fleet on August 4th in sunny Vilshofen, Germany. Read more
After an amazing evening at the TravelAge West Wave Awards Gala last week, we were honored to receive the top prize in these categories. Since the winners are chosen by travel agents in the Western US, it makes the recognition even more meaningful. Read more
Christening a brand-new ship for us is much like welcoming a new family member into the AmaWaterways fold. Read more
February is the month of romance, and what’s more exciting than the romance of adventure? Read more
A child’s first Christmas is always special. And so it is with a ship’s first Christmas. Read more
Last month, I sailed aboard our newest European river cruise ship, the AmaSonata. As always, our crew did an amazing job. All of our guests, including many travel agents and members of the media, were so happy with the experience. One event in particular event made this cruise especially memorable. Read more
They say there’s no place like home for the holidays. But for those of us in travel, home can take on an exotic, faraway form. Read more
Renewing your wedding vows? Ama is the latin root verb for “love,” and we used the prefix quite deliberately in naming our company. Read more
Europe measures big events in centuries. The 800th anniversary of a town. The 500th anniversary of a university, bridge or municipal building. They’re all celebrations we’ve heard about or even taken part in before. Read more
The fall travel season is upon us. And the holidays will follow soon, and with them, unique celebrations on the rivers of Europe. Christmas Markets, of course, hold special magic. But less known are New Year's traditions in Europe. Read more
It’s always thrilling to receive an award! It really is a tremendous honor, and each one that we receive is meaningful and humbling at the same time. Read more
His vision dates back to the first river cruise ships in Europe built for the North American market. In fact, he designed them. Read more
It's been such a busy summer for us here at AmaWaterways. Read more
The Mosel is perhaps not the best-known of Europe’s rivers. But in many ways, it’s my favorite. Read more
These warm days of early summer seem far away from wintertime frost. Read more
From first ideas to finishing touches, the process is an adventure onto itself. But nothing compares to seeing the ship in service. In 12 years of launching new ships, the excitement for me never wanes. Read more
The answer at first seems simple. We travel to discover new places and to meet interesting people. But we also travel to learn about ourselves. To reconnect, reunite and rekindle something in our own background. Read more
This week marks our one-year anniversary in our new company headquarters in Calabasas, California. We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting and inspiring setting. Read more
I’ve always loved spring time in Europe, since my childhood days here. And though I’m in my native Germany at the moment, it’s the Netherlands in the spotlight this week. Read more
Springtime is beautiful in Europe. And sometimes, it’s simply magical.
That was the case last week, during our first “In Celebration of Wine” cruise of the season. I was lucky to be on board our lovely AmaCerto as spring sunshine, blue skies and bright flowers welcomed us warmly. Read more
Enthusiasm. Training. Lots of laughs. Lots of information. A room brimming with energy. All this, and more, marked the start of our European River Cruise Season last week as Rudi and I met with our ever-growing European team aboard the AmaPrima to prepare for the upcoming season. Read more
When travelers visit Portugal, they tend to focus on the southern part of the country, such as the sunny beaches of the Algarve. Read more
Today I’d like to share some lovely photos taken at the recent holiday party at the AmaWaterways-sponsored ODA Free Village English School in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Read more
The holidays may be over, but as friends and guests return from their Christmas Market cruises, their suitcases stuffed with handmade ornaments and delicious seasonal treats, I am reminded of my childhood in Germany. Thought I would share some of these memories with you! Read more
The holiday season is here once again, a time when our thoughts turn to the happiness and well-being of loved ones, near and far. Read more
Whenever I enjoy a glass of Riesling, my thoughts turn to my homeland of Germany, where some of the world’s best white wines are grown along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. Read more
As the days grow shorter and the year winds down, I find myself looking forward to 2014 and all the exciting things in store for AmaWaterways – like the debut of our exciting new program on the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar (Burma)! Read more
I’m happy to announce that AmaWaterways will honor the 70th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day landings next year with an enhanced 2014 Paris & Normandy itinerary! Read more
I am so looking forward to my upcoming wine cruise this November, Great Capitals & Vintages of the Danube, traveling from Vilshofen, Germany to Budapest, Hungry. Read more
Greetings from Vilshofen, Germany! Standing next to Rudi and Jimmy at the AmaPrima christening on August 6th, I was reminded of the christening of our first vessel, the AmaDagio, back in 2006. Read more

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