Cruising Europe's Renowned Wine Regions

This year, AmaWaterways is excited to be expanding our themed cruise itineraries – most notably in the area of wine. In addition to our ever-popular Wine Cruise itineraries, which we have expanded to more than 40 departures in 2016, we have also this year introduced our new Taste of Bordeaux itinerary. This special voyage will guide travelers through France’s renowned Bordeaux region.

I am often asked why I think themed cruises are so popular, and in my opinion, it’s because of the comprehensive curriculum we offer onboard our themed cruises. There is a certain educational component within wine tasting that allows you to fully appreciate in the experience. With that in mind, we invite a distinguished wine expert to join us on this delectable journey, with hopes of creating amateur connoisseurs out of all our guests!

As the only river cruise line member of one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic societies, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, our chefs are highly trained in the art of food -- thoughtfully pairing each dish with regional wines and locally sourced produce, meats and cheeses. I’m European myself and as such, I grew up with an appreciation for the distinctive experiences available across the region.

While cruising, my personal favorites have been the Saint Emilion excursion and wine tasting in Libourne, France. I truly cannot express how wonderful it is to delight myself in some of the world’s best wines, all while learning the rich history of the vineyards and surrounding villages from the winemakers themselves. It is absolutely lovely and an adventure that has made many wonderful memories!

I hope to see you sipping your way through Europe on one of our wine themed cruises in 2016!

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