Authentic Regional Food and Beer

Belgium is known for so much more than its distinctive chocolate, and fresh waffles. Fresh salmon and cod are also local favorites, and with a brewing tradition dating back to 1836, there’s no shortage of refreshing brew in the region. In the Netherlands, bitterballen (beef croquettes) are a local specialty, as are stroopwafels (a thin waffled wafer sandwich filled with caramel or syrup and served warm), and street fries. Or try a couple of our onboard recipes below.

Tulips are not the only product for which the Dutch are world-famous. When in the Netherlands, just say “cheese.”
Originally known as the Brussels Waffle, named for the capital city from which it was created, this waffle is so crisp and light, it nearly melts in your mouth.
To give your tastebuds a decadent warm-up before your journey to the Netherlands and Belgium, try our Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe. This low-carb, sugar-free treat is sure to delight!