Find out why one guest loves our signature twin-balcony staterooms.

Andrew Burgess, a loyal guest who has cruised with AmaWaterways on the Danube and Rhine rivers, has enjoyed staying in our twin-balcony staterooms. In answer to our questions, here’s what he had to say:

What have you most enjoyed about staying in AmaWaterways' twin-balcony staterooms?

Having the option of enjoying either an indoor [French balcony] or outdoor balcony from our own stateroom allowed us to take in the view no matter the weather. This was especially nice because both of our river cruises were during the fall (Danube) and Christmas holidays (Rhine) when the weather is chillier and a bit unpredictable.

Did you ever sit out on your balcony and simply take in the scenery?

I made a point to start each day by stepping out onto the balcony. The fresh air was [almost] as invigorating as my first cup of coffee. At times, I would “escape” onto the balcony for a moment to myself, sometimes lingering to watch the river and scenery pass by. No matter where we were along the river, I felt like the balcony was my private space to relax, reflect and take in the wonders along our route. Watching the scenery slowly drift by was like poetry in motion.

Did the twin balconies make you feel like you were traveling in luxury?

The twin balconies really brought Europe into our stateroom, as we could pull back the curtains and take in the stunning scenery from the comforts of our room as we dressed or relaxed. The sunlight sparkling over the river was magical during the day; at night, the moonlight and city lights turned everything romantic and cozy. It’s a room with an ever-changing view!

How does this stateroom compare to other hotels or staterooms you have stayed in?

We were both impressed with the smart layout of our room; we never felt cramped nor crowded. The colors, fabrics and amenities exuded class, comfort and refinement. Some were even innovative. For example, the privacy window to the bathroom [on the AmaSerena] is a brilliant idea, because it allowed us to enjoy the sunlight and view while getting ready or we could seal ourselves off in full privacy, with a simple flick of a switch. Presto, the glass partition would become opaque! (I now want this feature at home!)

Like Andrew, you can see the gorgeous landscape pass by from the comfort of your very own twin balcony. Call your preferred travel advisor to book your twin-balcony stateroom today!

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