A loyal solo traveler opens up about her experiences.

Of the 14 AmaWaterways river cruises Kathy D. has completed, four of them have been as a solo traveler. Read her “tell-all” interview to determine if solo traveling is right for you – and which river cruise should be your next.

What inspired you to become a solo traveler with AmaWaterways?

My sister Mary is the reason I started river cruising. After about eight sailings together, I became very comfortable with Ama’s crew and Cruise Managers. The next time I wanted to sail, Mary and my other friends couldn’t go, but I knew I would feel like I was at home and that I’d have a whole new set of friends once I got on board.

Which itinerary did you choose for your first solo travel experience and why?

I had already sailed on the Danube and Rhine rivers a couple of times. I’d never been to Portugal, but I’d heard from fellow travelers how fabulous it was. They told me it was a completely different experience, but no one could put into words why. That was intriguing enough for me to book!

What was it like to step aboard the ship as a solo traveler for the first time?

When I boarded the AmaVida, I recognized Aurora at the Reception Desk and she hugged me, and I saw about six other members of the team whom I’d sailed with before and then I was fine. If you return to the rivers with AmaWaterways for multiple sailings, you see crew members whose company you have genuinely enjoyed so much and they make you feel welcome.

What made you want to come back and sail solo again?

I had so much fun meeting new people and it got me out of my comfort zone. The world opened up to me. Also, AmaWaterways has such high-quality tour guides. You really get to know them personally and what it’s like to live where they live. AmaWaterways’ crew and guides are why I keep coming back!

As a 14-time river cruiser, do you enjoy returning to destinations or repeating excursions you have participated in before?

Most definitely! I’ve sailed the Rhine River three times now and been to Siegfried’s Mechanical Instrument Cabinet every time. It was a totally different experience the third time when I experienced the museum through my new friends’ eyes. Also, AmaWaterways has a variety of excursion choices every day, so on my first cruise on the Rhine River when we docked in Ludwigshafen, Germany, I took the walking tour through Heidelberg; the next time I did the Heidelberg Philosopher’s Path hike; and this last time I visited Speyer, which I have always wanted to do. The breadth and depth of what AmaWaterways offers and the number of activities you get to choose from is incredible. I’ve learned not to try to do everything – because I have the opportunity and luxury of hoping to return with AmaWaterways one day.

What do you love the most about AmaWaterways?

The quality of the Ama team. They are so authentic. I had the fortune of meeting the Co-Founders, Rudi Schreiner and Kristin Karst, aboard my last river cruise, and now I know why. Another reason I travel with Ama is their world-class Wellness Program. You can bike, you can hike, you can do yoga or circuit training from the luxury of your ship and out in the fresh air – and it’s all included in the price. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other passengers.

After 14 river cruises, which is your favorite itinerary?

Gems of Southeast Europe. I sailed it in 2019 and had the best experiences ever. The pre-river cruise land package in Romania is essential – you get to go to Transylvania! I also traveled during Easter, so we got to experience two Easters with different customs and experiences.

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