Mother and daughter duo relax and reconnect while on an AmaWaterways river cruise.

Mother and daughter duo Juanita D. and Ericka C. share how their cruise brought them closer together and gave them the opportunity to participate in activities that suited each of their needs. With distance separating them, time together is hard to find, but an AmaWaterways river cruise gave them a chance to relax and reconnect — their way.

Juanita and Ericka’s Recommended Highlights on the Danube

Budapest, Hungary

(Ericka): We spent some time at the Great Market Hall during the "Queen of the Danube" tour and the food there was amazing. There were plenty of places to stop, sample some local delicacies and recharge. We also found some great souvenirs to take home to our family.

Vienna, Austria

(Ericka): We really enjoyed the "Imperial Vienna" tour for gentle walkers. Mom needed something low-impact, but we still got to see the incredible Opera House and former Imperial Palace. And since the tour ended in the city center, we were able to explore the city during our leisure time and do some shopping — our favorite activity together!

Passau, Germany

(Juanita): The "City of Three Rivers" walking tour in Passau was probably my favorite because we saw some really interesting Gothic and Italian Baroque architecture, which I’ve always followed and admired.

Gentle Walkers Tours

(Juanita): I thought the variety of included excursions was excellent, because you had active, regular and gentle walkers tours. That worked well for me because I was looking for something more low-impact that was easy to keep up with. While we were at each port, it was helpful to be able to choose tours that aligned with my physical abilities. I really wanted to keep up with my daughter on the regular tours, but then I tried a gentle walkers tour halfway through and I was able to transition to that tour with no problem. This tour allowed me to take more frequent rest breaks but still see everything that I wanted to see.

How This River Cruise Reinforced Their Bond

(Juanita): We shared a spacious stateroom and did everything together, from watching beautiful views pass by to excursions and dinners. We enjoyed getting to know everyone on board. The crew and the guests were so friendly, but there were still opportunities for us to spend time together.

(Ericka): We loved being able to strengthen our bond. Even though we are both at different ability levels, I didn’t feel like Mom was being left behind; I felt that she was being taken care of. Being docked right in the center of many cities meant that she was able to see everything and take it slowly when needed.

Standout Features On Board

Fitness Center

(Ericka): I really cherished this space. While I worked out, my mom stayed behind in the lounge to sip cucumber water and take in the stunning views.

Fine Dining With Fresh Local Ingredients

(Juanita): I’ve enjoyed cooking all my life, which can make me more accustomed and comfortable with my own recipes. The food on board was amazing. I really loved the high-quality ingredients used and everything was so fresh. It was really special being introduced to so many new spices and ingredients. Being able to get the recipes was an added bonus!

Cultural Performances

(Ericka): I love that AmaWaterways brought cultural entertainment on board from the various cities we visited so we could experience them firsthand, all while still aboard the ship. I was never too tired to join in on the dancing fun.


(Ericka): The library on board was great because it gave us another place to go and have some quiet time to relax. We loved challenging each other to a game of Scrabble. I was really surprised when we came across the inclusive reading materials on board. There truly is something for everyone.

In Conclusion

Would you recommend this cruise to people with limited mobility?

(Ericka): I always recommend AmaWaterways to my family and friends. Everybody should experience this at least once in their lifetime with the people they love and cherish. It’s incredible that there were all different walks of life on board, and we all came together with one love of travel.

(Juanita): Definitely! From the moment we stepped onto the ship, we felt like we were being welcomed into the Ama family. Individual differences aside, we all felt like one big family even while far from home. It’s a feeling that can’t be overstated.

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