Why it’s time to consider our 11-night Rhine & Moselle Fairytales itinerary

With 11 wonderful nights to enjoy our onboard amenities, as well as eight bike tours, seven hikes and two rivers included on our Rhine & Moselle Fairytales itinerary, there are dozens of reasons to join us on this unforgettable river cruise. But don’t take our word for it. Having experienced the Rhine River with us before, past guests Lorna A. and Nancy H. both raved about this itinerary on our Loyal Guests Facebook Group. We interviewed them both to see what makes it so special for our guests.

What inspired you to choose our 11-night Rhine & Moselle Fairytales itinerary?

Nancy: My husband and I were specifically looking for a longer river cruise that would allow us more time on board the ship. After our previous Rhine and Moselle sailing, we had reserved AmaWaterways’ post-cruise land package in Paris – but at the end of the cruise, I didn’t want to get off!

Lorna: We knew we had already enjoyed cruising the Rhine, but after I read some other guest comments on AmaWaterways’ Facebook, I liked the sound of cruising on the Moselle! We try to choose itineraries that allow us to be on your ships for the highest number of days; hence we chose the 11-night cruise.

What time of year did you cruise?

Nancy: We typically prefer “light coat” weather for traveling, so we always have pockets to carry things! Our river cruise started at the end of October and ended on November 1st. We celebrated Halloween on the ship, which was fun. Plus, at that time of year the Rhine Valley is very pretty with its colorful leaves and vineyards.

Lorna: We cruised in early May. The weather was great with no rain, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and everything was in full bloom.

Our Rhine & Moselle Fairytales itinerary includes a great deal of daytime scenic cruising – did you take advantage of the opportunity to sit back and “enjoy the scenery”?

Lorna: On the Moselle, I sat out on my balcony sipping wine or having an afternoon latte. It’s one of my favorite things to do while we are cruising. I always enjoy the Sun Deck as we cruise down the Rhine Gorge.

Nancy: When the weather was nice and the Cruise Manager was narrating about the castles of the Rhine Gorge in Germany, we went up to the Sun Deck. Sometimes during scenic cruising, I just sat in the Main Lounge if it was a bit chillier outside.

Insider Tip: On my first river cruise I had brought books on my Kindle, but I learned that you can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery if you’re trying to read! This time, I loaded audio books on my phone that I could listen to while watching the views. I could get up and take pictures, walk outside and back inside, all while still listening to my book and never missing the scenery.

Did you notice any differences as you cruised from the Rhine to the Moselle?

Lorna: When we transitioned from the Rhine to the Moselle, I had this sudden feeling of peace come over me. You can see beautiful, gentle ripples in the water as you sail. The mountains are covered with vineyards and forests and the small towns are very picturesque. We saw very few commercial barges on the Moselle. It is peaceful.

What were some of your favorite experiences during this river cruise?

Nancy: My husband’s favorite thing on this itinerary was visiting Reichsburg Castle in Cochem. I loved the pre-cruise land package in Zurich and Lucerne a lot, both the included excursion on Day 1 and then the optional excursions: going to Stein am Rhein, Rhine Falls and Stanserhorn, where it was very foggy with the mountain peaks sticking out of the clouds. During the cruise portion, I enjoyed beautiful Riquewihr. It’s a fun, quaint town, and the merchants were all friendly, offering taste tests of their baked goods. While we had been to Trier on our previous river cruise, we had a little more time in town during the Rhine & Moselle Fairytales itinerary to explore on our own and went up into the Porta Nigra Roman Gate, which was great. We also had more time in Rüdesheim to walk around during this itinerary. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like!

Lorna: Trier was very special for me because we toured the old Roman Castle Church, the Aula Palatina. Looking at the stones that were over 2,000 years old, the gorgeous wooden roof and the organ, it was all beautiful. We also went to the Porta Nigra, the old Roman Gate, which was magnificent. Bernkastel was a magical fairytale town with a beautiful town square where we did a little shopping and had a Riesling tasting.

Insider Tip: I have to thank Ama for introducing me to Riesling. I am from Wine Country in Northern California where the Rieslings are too sweet for me. But Elena, the Wine Steward on board, told me to try the Trocken Riesling and now I love it!

We loved our day in Koblenz where we took a gondola ride over the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. It was spectacular! Cruising down the Rhine Gorge is always gorgeous, and I love Rüdesheim – this was our second visit, so we went into Siegfried’s Mechanical Instrument Cabinet. I just loved that!

What would you say to someone who is considering reserving this 11-night itinerary?

Nancy: Go! It’s just a wonderful trip and destination. Add as many days as you can with a pre- and post-cruise land package.

Lorna: Just do it! It’s diverse: you’re going to see all the castles and the towns on the Rhine and then you will have a completely different experience on the Moselle. It’s amazing and you won’t regret it. I liked it so much I will be reserving it again!

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